Uchuu DR1 Public Data Access

We offer two ways to access and work with the Uchuu DR1 Products:

  • Halos, merger trees, dark matter particles for all available simulation boxes can be downloaded using a fast speed connection through skun@IAA_RedIRIS, or standard internet speed, see skun@IAA
  • Users are welcome to develop analysis codes and run tasks by launching a Jupyter notebook (or direct SSH access) in the Uchuu-BigData@CESGA platform
Under the UchuuProject on Github we provide a collection of general tools for the community, codes / scripts / tutorials and Jupyter notebooks for the analysis of the Uchuu data, in particular,

  1. uchuutools - how we converted Rockstar and consistent-trees ascii files into hdf5,
  2. uchuu_analysis - notebooks and scripts to read in Uchuu products,
  3. uchuu-BigData - notebooks and tutorials to work with Spark on your own laptop and on our CESGA platform.

The Uchuu DR1 simulation data and products are available only through Skies & Universes via skun@IAA_RedIRIS and Uchuu-BigData@CESGA. We are not responsible and discourage anyone from delivering this data set by using any other alternative platforms or websites.