If you use this data please cite the paper by
Hernández-Aguayo et al. (2020).

Public release of the GLAM DESI-like LRGs mock catalogs for redshifts 0.6, 0.74 and 0.93 built using a novel technique which adopts a galaxy formation semi-analytical model GALFORM , embedded in the high-resolution N-body Planck-Millennium simulation (see Baugh et al. 2019), to populate the 1000 halo catalogues generated with the Parallel-PM N-body GLAM code (see Klypin & Prada 2018). LRGs were selected from the GALFORM outputs by using the same colour-magnitude cuts in the r,z, and W1 bands that will be applied in the DESI survey in the redshift range z=0.6-1. All details can be found in Hernández-Aguayo et al. (2020).

The hdf5 tables for each galaxy catalog also includes the corresponding power spectrum and correlation function measurements in real and redshift space. They can be downloaded here, and read using this python script.

The 1000 GLAM BDM Halo catalogs are also available here. If you also use this data set please cite the paper by Hernández-Aguayo et al. (2020).