The main goal of the Skies and Universes website is to provide access for the astronomical community with results from cosmological simulations. These results are useful on their own to understand processes related with the non-linear evolution of cosmic structures. Some other products are specifically focused on large survey observational projects.

Specifics of our portal is that it provides raw data of simulations. For example, one can find here coordinates and velocities of simulations with billions of particles. We also provide halo catalogs, light-cones for mock galaxy/qso samples, power spectra for many thousands of N-body realizations and some observational products. We also provide some assistance in the form of codes to read the data, and some pieces of analysis software. Unlike other databases, we do not support SQL queries. Users of Skies & Universes are expected to download data and write their own routines of analysis (more info at arXiv:1711.01453).

New data available: Uchuu Data Release 1 ; GLAM DESI-like LRGs
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