We provide galaxy mock light-cones and target catalogs for the proposed LoRCA local volume survey at Calar Alto. If you use these mocks please reference Comparat et al. (2016).

Though the volume available in the local universe is limited, it is just big enough to measure accurately the long 100 Mpc/h wave-mode of the BAO. Using cosmological N-body simulations and approximate methods based on Lagrangian perturbation theory, we construct a suite of a thousand light-cones to evaluate the precision at which one can measure the BAO standard ruler in the local universe. We find that using the most massive galaxies on the full sky (34,000 sq. deg., i.e. LoRCA+TAIPAN), i.e. a K(2MASS) brighter than 14 magnitude-limited sample, one can measure the BAO scale up to a precision of 4% and 1.2% using reconstruction). We also find that such a survey would help to detect the dynamics of dark energy. Therefore, we propose a 3-year long observational project, named the Low Redshift survey at Calar Alto (LoRCA), to observe spectroscopically about 200,000 galaxies in the northern sky to contribute to the construction of aforementioned galaxy sample. For more details, read Comparat et al. (2016).