We provide data for N-body simulations of different kinds. Description of N-body methods can be found here.

  • Uchuu simulations are produced with the GreeM N-body code. Uchuu has 2.1 trillion dark matter particles, and another two boxes were run with the same resolution but smaller volumes (mini-Uchuu, micro-Uchuu). A third box was run with higher resolution (Shin-Uchuu).
  • GLAM simulations are done with a Parallel PM N-body code that uses a large homogenous mesh. As any PM simulation, GLAM simulations are mostly limited by available memory. GLAM simulations have force resolution ranging from 200 kpc to 1 Mpc. The number of particles is typically 1-4 billion.
  • Bolshoi simulations were done with the Adaptive Mesh Refinement (AMR) N-body code called ART. Bolshoi simulations have 8 billion particles and reach the force resolution of 1 kpc.
  • MultiDark simulations were done with the TREE code GADGET-II. They have 56 billion particles and resolution 1-10 kpc.
  • Guest simulations (created by other groups).

The raw-data with coordinates and velocities of dark matter particles for each snapshot are split into many individual files. Each complete snapshot may have up to a terabyte of files. Special care should be given when downloading these files. Please, do not download all of the them at once. You will not get anything, if you do. Get 1-2 files, wait until the downloading finishes and then get another few files. It may take a week to download one of MultiDark large snapshots.

Small files can be dowloaded using browser's downloading function. For faster downloading you may use 'wget -np -nH http://htpaddress'. Read documentation for wget command.