The ν2GC simulations: Quantifying the dark side of the universe in the Planck cosmology

If you use these simulations, please reference
Ishiyama et. al (2015). For more results and details visit this site

N-body simulations, called the ν
2GC (New Numerical Galaxy Catalog), were performed for the ΛCDM cosmological parameters consistent with the Planck satellite results. The largest simulation consists of 81923 (550 billion) dark matter particles in a box of 1.12 h-1 Gpc (a mass resolution of 2.20 × 108 h-1 M). A ν2GC simulation with the smallest box consists of eight billion particles in a box of 70 h-1 Mpc (a mass resolution of 3.44 × 106 h-1 M).
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