Uchuu DR1 Lensing Products

The Uchuu suit of simulations will be used to produce a number of gravitational lensing studies and publicly available products. Light cones of three different sizes (640, 340 and 123 sq. deg) and depths have been constructed from the simulation snapshots and projected onto a series of shells. Ray-tracing through these cones using a modified version of the GLAMER code has been done to produce maps of shear, convergence and deflection for a range of source redshifts from 0 to 7 with one arcsecond resolution. For DR1 these maps are being made public along with accurate shear power spectra, correlation functions and the halo-shear correlations. In addition, source catalogs with random positions and known redshift distributions will be provided so that users can sample from them for Monte Carlo calculations. In further data releases, with semi-analytic and Halo Occupation Distribution models for the galaxies and inter-cluster baryons, we will produce galaxy-shear lensing predictions and strong lensing statistics for surveys such as Euclid. These results will be presented in a series of companion papers.

The Uchuu DR1 Lensing Products will be delivered as soon as possible.