If you use data from this website, please consider adding this text to Acknowledgements section of your paper(s): "We thank New Mexico State University (USA) and Instituto de Astrofisica de Andalucia CSIC (Spain) for hosting the Skies & Universes site for cosmological simulation products."
Skies and Universes is built and managed by
Anatoly Klypin     (NMSU, USA),
Francisco Prada (IAA-CSIC, Spain),
Johan Comparat (MPE, Germany).

Main contributors that deliver the data hosted in this website:
  • GLAM simulations: Anatoly Klypin (NMSU) and Francisco Prada (IAA-CSIC)
  • Bolshoi simulations: Anatoly Klypin (NMSU), Joel Primack (UCSC)
  • Multidark simulations: Gustavo Yepes (UAM), Stefan Gottloeber (AIP), Anatoly Klypin (NMSU), Francisco Prada (IAA-CSIC)
  • Lomonosov simulations: Sergey Pilopenko (Lebedev)
  • Massive neutrino simulations: Jia Liu (Princeton)
  • ν2GC simulations: Tomoaki Ishiyama (University of Tsukuba)
  • MultiDarkLens: Eric Jullo (LAM), Ben Metcalf (Bologna), Carlo Giocoli (Bologna), Sylvain de la Torre (LAM)
  • MultiDark-Galaxies: Alexander Knebe (UAM), Doris Stoppacher (IFT-UAM/CSIC), Francisco Prada (IAA-CSIC), Andrew Benson (Carnegie), Sofia Cora (La Plata), Darren Croton (Swinburne)
  • MultiDark-Clusters: Fabio Zandanel (Amsterdam)
  • SDSS galaxy and qso mock catalogs: Sergio Rodríguez-Torres (UAM), Johan Comparat (MPE), Ginevra Favole (ESAC), Francisco Prada (IAA-CSIC), F. Kitraura (AIP)
  • LoRCA: Johan Comparat (MPE)
  • Analytical approximations: Johan Comparat (MPE)